Thermal & Dot Matrix RF


TEN HI combines Thermal RF and Non Needle Fractional RF into a single system, allowing you to use both functions selectively or together.

consistent thermal energy penetrates the dermal layer without damage to the skin.


TEN HI - Multi Pulse RF

• Multi Pulse stimulates not only the dermal layer but also the Dermal White Adipose Tissue (DWAT) layers, helping to produce collagen.

• Applying RF current penetrates to deeper layer than traditional technique and brings the best effect with energy concentration.

Non Needle Fractional RF

Each positive electrode codes deliver focused heating energy​

• 21pin    :  9.5 x 9.5mm

• 77pin    :  22.5 x 22.5mm

• 117pin  :  22.5 x 22.5mm

❍ Skin regeneration ? Acne Scar / Pore / Skin tone 

Thermal RF

Insures coherent and effective distribution of RF energy to reach the therapeutic temperature required for skin treatments

• TRS    :  9.5 x 9.5mm

• TR      :  22.5 x 22.5mm

❍ Eye rim / Mouth wrinkle / Tightening & Lifting